Assault backpack CZ 4M FOP 35

Combat backpack  4M FOP 35 is designed for a wide range of military or police operations.
It can be used as a backpack for short patrols or, as a supplement to special interior accessories, as a specialist backpack.

The backpack is divided into two compartments, a smaller front and a large rear, main compartment.

The main chamber is equipped with a zipper around the perimeter. It can be fully opened and quickly opened, making it inaccessible to the user during low visibility, injury, or where it is necessary to locate and use the carried equipment immediately. This makes it a unique tactical gear.
The back of the backpack is fitted with a rigid but flexible partition, so that when carrying ammunition magazines, radios and batteries or anything bulky with sharp edges, there is no pressure or impact on the user's back. FOP 35 is designed for real combat deployment and its design is therefore subject to 100% reliability in any conditions and load.

Main chamber equipped with MOLLE and VELCRO surfaces for well-arranged and configurable organization of mounted equipment. Each of the chambers is further equipped with pockets for small equipment.

The height adjustment system of the shoulder straps and waist belt (4 + 4 positions) allows for extensive size configuration of the structure according to the height of the user's figure.

Shoulder straps can be replaced with BACS - Body Armor Compatible System - a special extended version of straps and lumbar support designed for use with a ballistic vest.

If the weight of the carried material exceeds 15 kg, a more robust carrying system of the EXPEDITION 60 backpack can be used.

The backpack can be supplemented with external pockets and the front pocket can be supplemented with a hidden PDW gun case (eg CZ Scorpion EVO) to increase its useful volume to 60 L.

The quick ejection system allows the carrying bag with shoulder straps to be thrown away in an emergency. However, the lumbar belt remains attached to the user even after the discard system has been activated, which will not lose the equipment and equipment fastened to the belt.

Extreme durability and high load capacity for versatile use.

Backpack FOP 35 has been tested for use with loads up to 40 kg!

 External equipment

  • MOLLE system LASER on the front
  • MOLLE heavy duty system on the sides
  • Adjustable compression straps
  • 4 handles (bottom, 2x side, top)
  • Bottom pocket for the rain coat
  • Waist belt with laser MOLLE system and adjustable front buckle
  • Chest adjustable strap
  • Openings for the radio or hydration bag hose on the top
  • Front Velcro patch for identification

 Internal equipment

  • Main storage compartment
  • One mesh pocket
  • 1x textile bottom pocket
  • MOLLE system on the back side for attaching hydration bag, laptop case, etc.
  • Removable straps for clothing, etc.
  • Velcro patches on the sides for special interior equipment
  • Zipper closure with textile flap

 • Front large pocket
- 1x mesh pocket
- 1x textile bottom pocket
- Velcro patches for attaching the PDW case
- waterproof zipper closure

 • Front small pocket

Body Armor Compatible System ready - Backpack is equipped with BACS - back padding, bottom panel under the waist belt, BACS shoulder straps,  shoulder strap attachment with ballistic vest attachment.

Assault backpack CZ 4M FOP 35
Material Cordura 1000 Multicam + resitant PAD softshell on the shoulder straps and waist belt
Material composition 100 % polyester or 100 % polyamide
Volume 35l
Weight 1,96 kg
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