4M SYSTEMS a. s. a major manufacturer of specific goods in the field of protection and tactical equipment, supplying our products not only to customers in the Czech Republic but also to those in European and other countries worldwide. Our commitment is to continue offering high-quality products with significant utility value in the future. Recognizing the increasing demands from customers for products of impeccable quality, timely delivery, specified quantities, and competitive prices.
In response to these demands, we have implemented a quality management system, and the Company's management has announced the following:

Company Quality Policy

encompassing all rules established within 4M SYSTEMS a. s. (hereinafter referred to as the Company), pertains to the realms of business and our responsibilities towards employees and external collaborators. Additionally, we respectfully adhere to the membership rules of COLT CZ GROUP. Our goal is to emerge as a leading supplier in the design, development, and manufacturing of specialty equipment, emphasizing continuous innovation, reliability, and safety to position ourselves among the best in the industry.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to complying with the rules of competition, which are built on and elaborate the principles set out in the Code of Ethics adopted by COLT CZ GROUP, and have the following effects:

  • preventive, i.e. with the aim of avoiding illegal conduct altogether, which is enforced by increased awareness of the persons and agents concerned;
  • consequential, i.e. it applies in the circumstances in which the violation occurred; it aims to allow the legal entity to be exonerated from liability.
  • Compliance with competition rules consists of 2 areas of law:
  • rules against unfair competition (in particular within the meaning of § 2976, Act 89/2012 Coll. of the Civil Code);
  • competition rules (defined in particular in the Competition Act 143/2001 Coll.).

All relevant persons and agents must obtain information concerning commercial activities through legal methods. Methods such as espionage, theft, corruption, wiretapping, and knowingly disseminating false information about competitors are prohibited.

We believe that...
  • The key to quality products and superior performance is a vibrant and effective company management system,
    • We maintain and continually improve our quality management system.
    • With a focus on satisfying customers by meeting their service requirements to the best of our ability.
  • As a company, we contribute to improving the environment by,
    • Ensuring sustainable development, economically using resources, and taking appropriate steps through an environmental management system.
  • For employee health and a safe working environment,
    • We aim to eliminate health risks and accidents. All employees are encouraged to comply with safety regulations, and we actively seek to improve working conditions.
  • Effective and systematic management of risks and opportunities is essential.
    • We identify weaknesses, risks, and opportunities early and respond accordingly.
    • We avoid entering into business where the risk is too high compared to the benefit for our company, COLT CZ GROUP, and our employees.
  • By treating our employees fairly and equitably, we lay the foundation for functional cooperation.
    • We create a motivating environment for our employees to enhance their knowledge and professional skills, develop their creative potential, and encourage open communication throughout the entire company structure.
    • Additionally, we invest in further training to improve processes within the company, positively impacting quality, safety, waste minimization, and productivity.
The Company's management is committed to:
  • Adhering to the above principles,
  • complying with the requirements of laws and regulations,
  • continuously improving the quality management system.

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